From One Birthday To The Next

To describe me takes talent... all I can say is, "Come back here and i'll bite your legs off!" Thats my favorite line from Monty Pythons-The Holy Grail... If I haven't scared you off with that brief introduction, i guess you deserve to read some more about me.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"Dont Get Mad, Get Funny"

Im not sure why i'm posting. I thought that i'd given it up, but there I was, studying for my communications class when I decided that I wanted to communicate. Even if its not with anyone, at least I could use the line that I wrote up on top.
I was read that its easier to be assertive around stranger than people you know. And I totally agree with that. The stranger will just assume that you are an assertive person but the person who knows you will think, what a weirdo :) that ones for you lorz.
tomorrow is my last real day of chofesh before second semester starts. My to do list a month ago wasnt very long: 1) study for tests 2) hahaha
anyway, I didnt accomplish ANYTHING and its kind of bumming me out, so I changed the motto a bit and instead of going from mad to funny, im going to bummed out to funny, hence this blog post. Maybe ill accomplish stuff tomorrow? not very likely, but ill be optomistic.
I did make a plan for next semester though. Since what i'm learning isnt a foreign language anymore, im going to keep on top of things and study as I learn. that way, in four months I wont have a lot of new material to memorize and it'll be easier to remember and learn for the 14 tests that I think im going to have. Oooh, this semester we get to stick each other with needles! its going to be interesting.
and last, about the foreign language comment... I was reading my textbook and thinking how I didnt understand it three months ago when I was reading it. but now its muvan and i couldnt help laughing at the less knowlegdeable me that existed three months ago. gosh, communicating its helpful sometimes... '
freecell anyone?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I remembered why I took up blogging. Its a good way to remember what you were doing last year on your birthday.
Pesach is over and I decided to blog about it so that in a few months, years I can reread all about it and wonder why we were so silly...
A reminder to myself: psyco is over and you actually arent so happy about it, because it made you feel good when you did a targil and got it right and now you dont really have an excuse to be wandering around doing targilim. I dont know why some people dont like school. you can get so much satisfaction out of it and feel smart in the bargain. Plus stress is good for you and it makes you do something with your day so when you finally do have chofesh you realize and appreciate it all the more, because usually you are stuck in school.
Lori's bed is still made, although Rivkahs occupying it at the moment, because Lori deserted me and went to live in the basement although I guess you arent coming back to visit for a while seeing as your sheets are in the laundry, or is that just because you've been sleeping on them for over a week with the fan... no spit, dry throat... where was I? oh, I got the most brilliant idea and now I really do have to go shopping . my room is going to be such a nifty place when im done with all the siputzim?
I have four months left of sherut! Its exciting and sad all at the same time. Its exciting because I finally wont be a sterotyped bat sherut anymore and sad because i wont have free range of the hospital and ill have to leave all the fun friends I made. I guess when I know what I'm doing next year I'll have something to look forward.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Is blogger getting old? I guess if you have interesting things to write about then its still fun to tell the interent world the story, but I never have anything to write about :) Imagine that!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

And I almost forgot, my eyes are almost glued shut from their need to sleep, but I really should blog all the funny things...
I guess it was such a long time ago that I forgot that it was today...
This morning *shudder* the two doctors that had been on shift *random scratching* *shudder* *ooh* over the course of the night *ooh* informed me that in middle of the night a chayal *random scratching* *oh stop that* had come into the miyun with a bad case of fleas. Not lice, knits, whatever they are, but real honest to goodness FLEAS. *shudder* Poor Chayal, but everyone felt like her left them everywhere, hence the scratching/ shuddering/ and heepie jeebies...

Poor Chayal...

That really must be annoying. I mean if flea bites are awful, fleas must be disgusting. Especially since I've never heard of a person with fleas before. Only pets.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The miyun was interesting today!

We had a guy come in with a cocaine overdose. Well, actually MDA brought him in, but it was funny. He's a homeless guy character. And as we heard in orita today, and I agree with, most people are stupid, because they dont want to put in the effort to fix themselves or really live life, so they try to imitate the feeling with drugs. Well, it doesnt work. Especially if you wind up in the hospital, with the doctor slapping your chest so you dont fall asleep because you're breathing funny, from taking to much cocaine :)

The next story- three people in trauma at once. I finally saw how you put a cathater into a male and I realized that I dont really like our best midnadev so much. ha ha ha

But the best story today went something like this:

One of the nurses came to the head nurse and informed her that there was an interesting patient sitting outside in tria'ge. The head nurse nodded her head, said she would be out in a minute and the other nurse shrugged her shoulders and went back to work.
A few minutes later the head nurse goes out and I'm curious, so I go with her. Sitting in tria'ge, shirtless and shoeless, but with a very impressive bloody bandage all around one leg, the man relates his story. Something about a shul, tel aviv, police, and walking to the miyun.
Uh huh, says the head nurse, do you by any chance have family looking for you? No family? Well maybe friends then? Oh! You have the number of your friend? Come lets write it down and then I'll call him and let him know you're here. ok.
After making sure that the bitachon were keeping an eye on him, we go into the miyun and call this guys friend.
"Hello this is the head nurse from the miyun at ... speaking."

I only heard her side of the conversation, but she repeated almost everything that he said so I'm assuming that I got most of it.
"Yes, a certain friend of yours just came into the miyun.
Yes, he said the police were looking for him.
Right, a shul in Tel Aviv.
I see.
We Shouldnt let him leave.
Are you aware that he has stitches all over one leg.
Yes, you are aware of that.
Right he probably needs to be hospitalized, oh mental is he.
He thinks he's gd?
Ah ha.
Do you know how he got here from tel aviv?
He walked?!
Well, he did mention it, but I didnt really believe him.
Ok, yes.
You are going to inform the police that hes here?
I dont need to tell them?
Ok, I see.
Well, we'll keep an eye in him for now.
Here's the number for the miyun you can call and talk to us and let us know whats going on.
Ok, thank you.
Yes, goodbye."

I was trying not to crack up and I went outside because the bitachon guy was giving me funny looks. The bitachon asked me to bring a wheel chair and even gave me permission to take one from the "secret room" that they stashed some of the wheel chairs in. I brought on in and the bitachon guy offered it to the wounded man. He looked at the bitachon guy like he was crazy and then yelled at him, "I just walked for three days from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. You think I wont be able to walk around the miyun?! Its tiny..."

Some people are brighter than other... Its so sad to think, that the random walking even when you have no energy to walk anymore is some thing I would do, or rather have done... has anyone seen the toaster anywhere???

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Amoeba Man Strikes Again!

Shabbat was highly unusual. It felt like Shabbat. It tasted like Shabbat. It even smelled like Shabbat. So then why was it unusual?
Friday night, being in pain I did not go to shul. Lori went though, so kol hakavod to her. Supper was very funny and no... I was not drunk. After supper, Lori and Zalman dissappeared. So did Eema and Abba, but I dont think they all ran away together. Surprise inspection!!!!
Brenda, Ezri, and Avi decided that we should play Uno, so we did. There sure were a lot of sound effects though. And then I taught Brenda how to play backgammon. How do you explain to someone about the classic moves? I think you just need enough experience before you catch on to the classic rules.
Shabbat morning I spent setting the table and trying to get Avi to behave. We then had some more noisy games of Uno and then the Zitters came over for lunch. It was quiet a long and enjoyable meal and soon it was time for mincha. I saw the woof there and then walked home with Abba and Avigdor and once I got home, it wasnt long before Eli, Coren, Maayana and Aderet showed up :) We hung monkeys on her and she went wild when she realized the resemblence between them and one of her uncles...
After Shabbat I washed the dishes and now my hands feel icky. I guess it was worth it though.

I once heard that to really feel Shabbat you need to really be open and be there and to want to feel Shabbat. There is no other feeling quite like it. If you really open yourself up to it and really feel shabbat when its there, then of course, motzi shabbat will feel strange because Shabbat is gone...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I have come to the conclusion that my tongue is not (nimble) enough to write/blog. I can never remember the descriptive words that I want to use, hence the word nimble in ( ) up there.
eloquent- my words are not eloquent and very rarely do I come up with anything I do like. I cant even use these silly words properly anymore. Two years ago I was very fond of writing. Last week I decided to copy all of it down into a notebook, because I had a collection of papers and things where it was all written. It was sad. I remember being so proud of myself after writing those things. There was this complex/simple I don't know what kind of feeling. It was wonderful. As I was rereading and copying it all just started to fall apart and I couldn't identify with it anymore. It is a problem when you can not identify yourself with your own work. It used to be a part of me and now I have this vague feeling that a part of me is missing...

Lonely to be dejected by the awareness of being alone.